Live Club Privè Eclisse (a stone's throw from Milan)

Welcome to Live Club Privè Eclisse website, a historic private live club in Milan area.
Eclisse live club aims to reach couples, singles, swingers and transgressives to be their point of reference in swinger Milan.
Our Location
About 600 square meters available to members for afternoons and evenings dedicated to transgression.
The live club dimensions allow us to welcome associates, ensuring safety and social distancing...
Of course, a protocol for accessing (temperature measurement, social distancing, facemasks, sanitization of the hands) will be adopted which provides for measures that are a superset of those required by the regulations for the types of venues similar to ours.
Please note also that the live club is totally sanitized and equipped with air circulation systems that makes air to be continuosly renewed (there is no stale air) and the closure is activated by a ozone treating machine for the purification of the whole club.
A welcoming live club to share your best erotic, swiger experiences.
It will be a pleasure for us to meet you, answer all your questions, make sure everything is clear for you so that you can decide to become part of our transgressive community.
We organize themed events and evenings to combine transgression and fun. Advice and ideas for carrying out news ones are welcome.
You can contact us by phone at (+39) 334.20.27.099 or follow us on Twitter (@eclisseclub), Facebook and Instagram or by subscribing to the WhatsApp channel at (+39)334.20.27.099 WhatsApp contact.
To activate the club's "Last Minute" notifications, just have a smartphone with the WhatsApp application installed and add our number to your phone's contact list.
NB: to receive messages you must necessarily store our number in your address book
Send a message via WhatsApp that says: “Info Last Minute On”.
You will receive the message the same day as confirmation of registration to the list.
Now you will always be posted about the news of the private club evenings!
The information you find on this site are informative and aimed at club members and to those who want to be part of it, therefore they are to be understood as non-advertising according to the Italian law 7 December 2000 n.383