Rules of behavior for the associates to the Club

The attendance to the Club is bound to the knowledge and observation of the following, binding rules.

To access the Club you must necessarily be of age and an associate.

To join the Club you must request it; only after a careful assessment and mutual knowledge the Board of Directors of the Eclisse Club APS association will decide whether to approve or reject the request; a valid personal ID must be exhibited. An associate's card will be issued.

The card is personal, individual and cannot be passed on to anybody else. The associate's card is property of the Eclisse Club APS association.

It will not be possible to impose anybody registration if not approved by the Board of Directors of the Eclisse Club APS Association.

The Board of Directors has the right to withdraw or cancel the associate's card (which remains property of the Eclisse Club APS association) without having to explain anything.

Within the Club Prive, "within the limits of the rules of common sense and the laws in force", everything can happen, but nothing will be mandatory; you can propose with awareness that no one is forced to do anything he or she does not like.

It is essential to be polite, clean, respectful, dressed with elegance and in a way adequate to the environment: it is therefore good rule for all members to be clean and well cured in appearance.

Adeguate and elegant clothing is welcome for men; intriguing clothing is always a great introduction for women.

Members with an obtrusive, rude, overbeared or harassed attitude will be immediately removed from the Club and their associate's cards will be revoked definitively.

The Club is a place of encounters and relationship between members who desire to express emotions, passions and intriguing fantasies, aimed at an open lifestyle and modern culture of the swinger world.

Couples will have to remain united and behave as such.

The Club recommends avoiding relationships: the atmosphere could make you believe and think about it is ... real life goes beyond that; as a result, flirting and scenes of jealousy must remain out of the Club.

The staff of the Eclisse Club Prive is at the service of the members to guide them and to put them at ease to make them fully live the time they spend at the Club .
Don't hesitate to ask if something is not clear.
The staff is available for every need of the members, but, given the nature of the Club, participation to the games or interaction with the associates is forbidden.

Additional important rules

It is absolutely forbidden to use mobile phones, video cameras and cameras within the premises of the Club.

It is mandatory to leave all personal effects in the safety deposit boxes.

For any loss or damage, there will be no responsibility of the Club.

Members must maintain a soft voice tone.

It is absolutely mandatory to avoid any comment on anyone who is present in the Club.

A last rule, last but not least:

If you meet one or more known people within the Club you will have to pretend not to know them.
The same applies if you meet outside someone known at the Club.